MegaPath offers Flexibility for PBX-Based & Hosted Voice services
A leading provider of managed data, voice and security services, MegaPath has announced new VoIP services to help customers maximize their investments in voice technologies. Integrated Voice business customers are now able to add Hosted Voice services as an overlay to their lines or trunks, enabling organizations to improve productivity and reduce costs using voice bundles and other advanced features including Remote Worker, Find Me/Follow Me, Simultaneous Ring, Auto Attendants, and Hunt Groups.
On average, MegaPath’s voice solutions save customers approximately 50 percent as compared to traditional and legacy phone services. Because MegaPath’s Integrated Voice is based on a Voice over IP network, customers can overlay Hosted Voice features, optimize bandwidth, and experience consistent voice and data capabilities for all remote offices and mobile employees. Integrated Voice also enables customers to leverage their existing PBX, while combining voice and data over a single dynamic broadband connection for increased operational efficiencies. Additionally, MegaPath guarantees Quality of Service (QoS) by monitoring, classifying and prioritizing network traffic ensuring clear, crisp voice calls. Read full press release.
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