AirSpring MPLS Mesh VPN connects diverse MPLS & VoMPLS networks
AireSpring™, an award winning managed telecom service provider, has announced the launch of its new MPLS Mesh™, a Multi-Protocol Label Switching based Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN) service. AireSpring's MPLS Mesh™ offers a superior means to connect multiple locations onto a seamless and secure corporate network over multiple carriers. MPLS Mesh™ enables a customer to select and utilize the least cost carrier for individual facilities, avoiding the often necessary concessions when only one carrier can serve all locations.
MPLS meshed VPN provides the same level of security as traditional WAN services, added benefits of a meshed carrier network, namely centralized services, and equal access to all endpoints. Meshed MPLS service is fully compatible with AireSpring’s VoMPLS (Voice over MPLS) and next generation IP services like Hosted PBX services and SIP trunking. Read full press release.
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