Windstream extends Unified Communications to 100 cities
Windstream has announced the expansion of UC, or Unified Communications services to nearly 100 additional markets within Windstream's current service coverage area in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Georgia and Kentucky. Windstream's converged IP solutions combine local voice, long-distance, data and internet services over a single physical connection rather than deploy separate connections for phone, private networking, and internet services, enabling businesses to reduce admininistrative, operational, management and recurring expenses.
Windstream's VoIP and Data Bundle features High-Speed Internet with the same upload and download speeds, and includes Click to Dial, Find Me-Follow Me and more. Windstream's best-in-class Voice over IP (VoIP) technology maximizes bandwidth capacity, dynamically allocating bandwidth to boost internet throughputs during periods of lower phone use and works existing equipment to ease implementations costs over traditional communication systems. A Hosted VoIP and Data bundle, which is a complete and fully managed communications system is also available.

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