Level 3 Scalable Data Center services for Latin America
Level 3 Communications (NYSE: LVLT) has announced the launch of Level 3 Dynamic Enterprise Computing (DEC), a new data center service for customers with operations in Latin America. Level 3 DEC is a managed hosting solution offering the flexibility for customers to define their computing needs, receive guaranteed resource availability, and pay as they go based on resource usage.
With an increased reliance on cloud-based computing solutions for critical enterprise applications, today's businesses need not only flexibility, but also assurances associated with a fully managed, burstable, secure computing and storage enviroment, including end-to-end network performance. Level 3 Dynamic Enterprise Computing is designed to offer virtual computing, storage and security elements with a revolutionary framework which combines the assurance of computing resource availability with a dynamic pricing model based on resource consumption. Additionally, the new service does not limit resource availability when needs exceed expectation, enabling customers to rapidly scale resources to meet exceptional business needs as they arise. DEC also provides managed services for operating systems and databases.
Level 3 is a multi-tenant, dedicated data center services provider, operating over 350 data center facilities across North America, Europe and Latin America. Level 3 facilities offer levels of service ranging from traditional network equipment hosting to holistic support for managed IT solutions. Additionally, Level 3's data centers are designed to provide scalable solutions that enable customers to expand their enterprise application resources rapidly or to enhance business continuity programs. Connectivity among sites is available via Level 3's 165,000 intercity, metro and subsea fiber route miles. Read full press release.
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