Level 3 Launches New Fiber Route between London and Frankfurt
Level 3 Communications (Nasdaq: LVLT) has announced the launch of their new fiber optic, extreme low latency link, increasing data transport speeds between Frankfurt and London. Frankfurt–London is one of the top ten busiest routes for international Internet traffic, and in particular, is critical to the financial services sector. Already supporting numerous top financial exchanges around the world, and investment banks in North America, the new Level 3 end-to-end managed route will enable financial institutions such as banks, hedge funds, brokers to execute trades more rapidly between other exchanges connected to the Level 3 network including Zurich, Milan, New York and Chicago. In total, the Level 3 network reaches over 20 countries, approximately 190 business markets in Europe and North America and encompasses 57,000 intercity fiber router miles and 27,000 metro fiber miles. Read full press release.
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