Level 3 Connects to Seattle South Hill Data Center
Level 3 Communications has announced a network infrastructure extension into Seattle with the construction of a direct network link to the South Hill Data Center. The South Hill Data Center is a state of the art, high-capacity, 8.6 megawatt facility, located in the Seattle metropolitan area. The data center serves a full range of customers providing direct access to over 190 global markets served by Level 3’s international, IP network including the ability to fully leverage Level 3’s portfolio of communication services.
Data Center outsourcing offers enterprises the assurance that business critical information is professionally managed and stored securely, while reducing core IT costs. Organizations with increasing reliances on information and a globally expanding digital commerce require efficient access to their data. The network build and connection to the South Hill Data Center was in response to customer demand for direct access to Level 3’s network and will facilitate efficient access to stored information at the data center. The direct connection also enables customers to have full access to Level 3’s entire service portfolio, including transport, data, IP and voice services. The South Hill Data Center is located in Puyallup, Washington. Read full press release.
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