Level 3 announces Wireless Backup Business Continuity Solution
Level 3 Communications is announcing a wireless backup solution, aiding business continuity efforts with protection from network disruptions. The new Level 3 wireless backup provides a reliable alternative to current IP network backup methods, offering a cost effective alternative to deploying addtional network paths. In today’s global business environment, a disruption of telecom services or data can be extremely costly to an organization. Enterprises require network redundancy, ensuring that systems operate without interruption to effectively meet service level and customer expectations.
Enhancing its managed router capabilities, Level 3’s wireless backup access is immediately available in the U.S. for dedicated Internet access (DIA), virtual private network (VPN) and converged business network services, complementing a robust IP network including multiple diverse paths, offering customers further choice within Level 3's comprehensive approach to service continuity, data protection and recovery. Read full press release.
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