Level 3 Announces Ultra Low Latency European Routes
The launch of two new ultra low latency fiber-optic network connections from London to Madrid and Frankfurt to Madrid has been announced by Level 3 Communications. Effective immediately, Level 3 will offer customers transport services on these ultra-low-latency routes, with circuit speeds capable of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps). Level 3 currently offers ultra-low-latency routes to some of the world’s largest financial centers and the new routes improve its current portfolio of offerings for the financial services industry in Europe. These new routes also provide improved latency from Madrid to New York and Madrid to Chicago, enabling higher-speed transaction rates with very low transmission delays for financial exchanges and other trading venues.
The Level 3 network now spans 23 countries, with services offered in over 190 markets in Europe and North America. The company operates approximately 54,000 long-haul fiber miles and 27,000 metro fiber miles, one of the most extensive and diverse network footprints in the world. Level 3 offers multiple low-latency options for any given route and a direct connection to low latency, transatlantic routes with diverse landing stations offering a powerful platform for network security and business continuity.
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