Level 3 Rolls Out Dedicated Internet, VPN in Europe
Level 3 Communications has announced Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and virtual private network (VPN) service availability in several European markets, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Dedicated Access service gives enterprise customers the most direct route to the Level 3 Tier 1 backbone for Internet access and virtual private network (VPN) services, offering several solutions for high-capacity, high-performance wide area networking (WAN). Together these services are an ideal, integrated solution set for enterprise customers who already rely on Level 3 for colocation or low-latency transport services as well as businesses that don’t currently operate their own Autonomous System (AS) network. Services will be available in a range of speeds and access methods. Features of the services include redundant and scalable infrastructure, DNS resolution, and 24-hour monitoring and support with international reach to connect businesses to many places through a single provider.
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