Telx cloudXchange connectivity platform for on-demand applications
Telx® has launched its new cloudXchange connectivity platform. The Telx cloudXchange enables cloud service providers to offer on-demand applications and infrastructure via a distributed, hybrid delivery model. The cloudXchange increases cloud services uptime, and reduces application latency, giving end-users a reliable, cost effective, and high quality, "on-premise" like experience. cloudXchange is available in all 15 of Telx's world-class data centers, and also enables customers to securely connect to a fast-growing ecosystem of solutions providers.
Providers have the power to choose the best carrier for their needs, with the most appropriate amount of latency– and can also switch carriers easily if latency or customer connectivity requirements change. Telx offers a wide range of options for cloud providers, including Network Nodes to gain access to the largest number of carriers, cable and DSL providers and ISPs; Metro Pods for low latency and proximity by deploying application distribution nodes and locating a pod in Telx facilities near end users, eliminating “lag time”, and; Primary Infrastructure in Telx facilities for cost-effective, secure, reliable highly connected application delivery. See full press release.
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