AboveNet Connects to Prov.net Data Centers in Rhode Island
Prov.net, a provider of data center service solutions, has announced that AboveNet has installed a diverse 432 strand fiber connection. As a result, Prov.net now has over 500 individual strands of fiber coming into their data center facilities. Prov.net customers who cross-connect and/or co-locate will now have access to AboveNet’s private, optical network and extensive fiber footprint for connectivity in and between top metro markets in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and worldwide.
AboveNet offers Prov.net customers with diverse, low-latency routes to other top national and international business centers. For example, any business operating in Prov.net's Providence data center in could establish high-capacity connections to office locations, remote data centers and business partners located on or near the AboveNet Network worldwide. Prov.net customers also can benefit from AboveNet’s world-class fiber optic network spanning the U.S and Europe, with connections to buildings containing more than 450 data centers. AboveNet’s infrastructure includes more than 2.3 million fiber miles, an intercity network spanning approximately 13,000 route miles and a global Tier 1 IP backbone. AboveNet provides a complete portfolio of Metro Ethernet, WDM, Long Haul and IP transit services. Read complete press release.
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