XO Communications Picks Sprint for MVNO Wireless services
XO Communications, a leading nationwide provider of advanced communications solutions, announces an agreement where Sprint will be delivering MVNO wireless and Wholesale Mobile Integration (WMI) services to XO. In addition to WMI services, which enable wireline and wireless services to be converged and packaged in a single solution, provisions exist for XO to offer 4G products and services to its SMB customers.
Business consumers may also expect that XO will leverage Sprint’s WMI services and wireless network to offer businesses multiple mobile wireless communications services, including a creative fixed mobile convergence (FMC) solution, enabling businesses to further expand VoIP, SIP trunking and in-building WiFi networks deployments to deliver greater productivity, reduced mobile call costs and improved communications for employees. As a future capability of the XO solution, calls made from mobile phones within a customer’s premise will be connected via WiFi access points and will be routed over existing wireline network infrastructure. Outside the office the mobile device will work like a regular mobile phone, enjoying ubiquitous coverage through the Sprint wireless network. XO Communications expects to launch the service commercially in mid-2012. Read full press release.

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