XO Expands Wireless using BridgeWave Microwave Tech
To expand broadband wireless services to off-net business customers, XO Communications is deploying BridgeWave's FlexPort80 links within its Local Multipoint Distribution System (LMDS) networks across 80 markets. XO offers IP-based services to over 90,000 customer locations, a majority of which are Fortune 500 corporations. And, while demand for Gigabit speeds is rapidly increasing, most cannot cost justify the expense to establish direct access to a carrier fiber network. With BridgeWave equipment deployed on its fixed LMDS wireless network, XO will be able to not only quickly provision Gigabit service speeds, but also simultaneously support traditional TDM and IP enterprise and backhaul traffic without the need for pseudowire or third-party devices. One of the most attractive features about BridgeWave's FlexPort80 was ease of deployment. Unlike other split mount microwave solutions that require multiple radios that too often don't provide Gigabit rates, the FlexPort80 consists of a single all-outdoor unit eliminating any reuirement for rack space inside a customer's cabinet or building. Like Ethernet over Copper (EoC), XO's LMDS network is just one of the complementary technologies that they will use to either extend services to customers where fiber is not available or even as a backup circuit in a disaster recovery scenario if a fiber pair is cut that serves is cut.

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