SIP Trunks Leverage IP-VPN, Reduce TCO, Simplify OAMP
Replaces costly TDM Trunks with SIP, Reduces Total Cost of Ownership,
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Simplifies Operational, Administrative, Management and Provisioning Challenges
Every business relies on provider data services for internet access, and many others, on wide area networks for high speed communication links between remote operations and offices. Today, many companies are taking digital communication integration efforts in the direction of converging their voice and data over their IP networks. Integrating voice and data internally within your premise eliminates many OAM related costs including "voice only" legacy wiring systems. SIP Trunks supplant rigid TDM circuits connecting to legacy telephone carriers, eliminating expensive and redundant circuits, fully leverage existing IP-VPN and IP-PBX techonologies, reduce future IP-PBX capital investments, proliferate integration related savings by converging voice and data beyond your premises over pure IP connections to higher value carrier clouds.
Linking business locations using wide area IP based Virtual Private Networks, and integrating voice and data over IP networks will reduce communications costs within the enterprise. However, without SIP Trunking, traditional PSTN circuits are still required to communicate with the outside world, suppliers, partners and customers. SIP Trunks are virtual circuits, operating over IP network bandwidth, linking your locations to carrier cloud services. Before SIP and Voice over IP, enterprises connected resident PBX based telephone systems to carriers via dedicated TDM trunks. For approximately 3 decades, TDM trunks offered significant advantages, including TCO and OAM reductions over previous business telephone service options. Trunking is a means to transport inbound and outbound calls between an enterprise, its branch offices other remote operations, and carriers. And, while physical circuits, or trunks, cost money irrespective of their utilization, not to mention the long-distance, toll and tariff costs, SIP Trunks are priced primarily on a pay as you go, per extension model.

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