Transforming Communication Ecosystems with SIP
SIP Transforms Communications within Supplier, Partner and Customer Ecosystems
Session Initiation Protocol, shortened to SIP, is an established standards based tool for setting up, managing, and terminating real-time communications over large IP networks. Currently, SIP technology is widely adopted and proliferated through IP phones, mobile smartphones, and other software applications including softphones on desktop, laptop and tablet computers, yet SIP is definitely not just for facilitating phone calls.
The rapid emergence of SIP is directly related to its total utility and relative simplicity. SIP is a unifying protocol that manages all real-time, interactive communication sessions including messaging, video and voice, and is the driving force behind multi-mode service applications like Skype, empowering users to choose how to initiate contact, and be contacted, i.e. text / instant messaging (IM), file transfer, streaming video, or phone, using a single device or application. Software developers love SIP because they can easily write custom intergrated applications incorporating video, instant messaging, other emerging  media and features. Using SIP, simple to develop, quick to deploy custom applications can be easily integrated into your communication processes.
SIP is used to identify, locate, join applications and people who want to communicate using any peer-to-peer media type. However, SIP does not transport the media itself. This is left up to existing, already developed standards and methods. SIP builds on these existing communications protocols, rapidly becoming a defacto standard for service integration, which is subsequently being leveraged, refining business processes and practices for purposes ranging from operational efficiency to competitive advantage. Thus, SIP is positioned as a single unifying protocol that will transform not only communications within an enterprise, but communications between an enterprise and its ecosystem of customers, clients, partners, and suppliers. For businesses that need to revisit and reconnect their current tangle of disparate communications protocols and programs, SIP is a refreshing solution that can both simplify & greatly enhance your communications capabilities and profile.

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