Metro Fiber Ethernet Lit Buildings
Beyond facilitating typical commerce, a Lit Building hosts fiber network assets owned and managed by one or more telecommunication providers, presenting a readily available opportunity, expanded choice, and an extremely powerful resource for building residents, and, in certain cases, neighboring facilities too. Fiber optic networks are critical infrastructure to support a myriad of electronic business transactions and functions across any combination of metropolitan, domestic and international geographies. And, as individual service carriers increasingly expand the breadth and capacities of their backbone network infrastructures, fiber optic media and premium services will reach more subscribers, building additional, optimal electronic bridges for business.
Driven by market forecasts indicating exponential consumer demand, recent fiber network growth has been complimented by the adoption and availability of Carrier Ethernet, often referred to Ethernet as a Service, supporting legacy and future applications alike including Ethernet Internet Access, Virtual Private Networking, IP Telephony, and other niche applications such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), online meetings, video conferencing, unified communications and the list goes on.
Ethernet as a Service provides unprecedented opportunities to improve customer service levels, lower total costs of network operation, admininistration and maintenance, and aide many facets of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and related initiatives. Carrier Ethernet features a very familiar (100, 1000Base-T, etc) physical connection using a standards based UNI (user network interface) for carrier network routing, provisions for megabit and gigabit speeds, dynamic bandwidth allocations, scalable growth path, and EPL, EVPL, and E-LAN for VPN connectivity to remote operations and offices.

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