Unified Communications as a Service
Improves Customer Satisfaction, Productivity, Processes and Workflow
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Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) supercedes traditional VoIP services by offering a fully managed, hosted solution that becomes increasingly attractive as potential users weigh benefits of cloud based solution and place value on avoiding capital expenditures, reducing the risk of owning technology, hiring expensive IT staff and lowering total cost of ownership. As with any outsourced solution, UCaaS demands very little oversight from the IT group, making it possible to re-allocate budget and personnel to focus on core activities. With a UCaaS solution, businesses can leverage enterprise class, networked facilities and communication services without the risk, complexity, capital and time required to build a premises-based solution.
UCaaS includes a usage oriented pricing model that provides users with a comprehensive, flexible and simple-to understand communications service. In the UCaaS model, the customer contracts with a single vendor to become responsible for all communication requirements. The comprehensive service agreement typically includes integrated voice and data communications, phone handsets, softphones and mobile clients (for calling / communicating from a PC, Tablet, or SmartPhone), real-time presence, collaboration, mobility options, in addition to the convergence of enterprise networks and systems, software, applications and processes. The TSP offers this functionality from one or multiple remote, secure and fully redundant data centers.
When you choose to deploy UC in the cloud with UCaaS, your organization receives all of the features of Unified Communications, plus an end-to-end communications solution for access, networking to WAN/LAN, routers, software clients, integration and customization to address specific process and workflow objectives, and:
  • Anytime / Anywhere Access
  • Guaranteed Network Availability
  • Guaranteed Voice Quality
  • Voice Traffic Prioritization
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Secure Communications and Collaboration Sessions
  • One Provider Invoice
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Data Failover and Redundancy
  • Implementation Project Management
  • User Training and 24x7 Support

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