Unified Communications as a Service
Improves Customer Satisfaction, Productivity, Processes and Workflow
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Mirroring the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) represents the virtualization of Unified Communications. As the newest and most advanced method of multi-mode, hosted communications, UCaaS offers businesses and enterprises a fully managed cloud-hosted solution that enables your team to focus on core operations, while the Technology Service Provider (TSP) partner has full responsibility for the delivery and implementation of an enterprise class Unified Communications network, with the latest innovative UC applications and features.
Within the UCaaS architecture, there’s a full complement of UC functionality, and the PBX resides in the cloud, and not at the customer premise. Like other hosted models, day-to-day management is the responsibility of the TSP, and service costs are based on usage, and not ownership. Additionally, UCaaS provides other tremendous benefits inherent to its cloud-based delivery approach, chiefly, business continuity and disaster recovery characteristics, zero risk of the technology becoming obsolete and enhanced collaboration opportunities. Employees can communicate and collaborate as if they were in the same room, regardless of their geographical location as long as they have internet access and internet enabled devices.
With UCaaS deployed, the TSP owns, manages and hosts the hardware and software assets in a professional grade, certified data center facility. The infrastructure is often virtualized enabling customers to share hardware resources for optimization, further reducing the total cost of ownership. Customers pay subscription fees for UC services, and forego the necessary fixed capital investments for premises-based infrastructure. UCaaS tends to be an extremely attractive option for those organizations short on IT and capital resources, especially when poor market conditions exist or economic downturns occur.

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