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Term Definition

Platform-as-a-Service is an online programming environment that provides software development languages and tools supported by a vendor. This type of environment is typically used by developers who want to create a software applications to market to end-user customers. PaaS is a perfect partnering and delivery mechanism for solution providers who need to develop applications and require a familiar environment and complex tool sets.

Aliases (separate with |): Platform as a Service
Packet Switching

Packet Switching is the ability of a network, or more precisely network equipment, to forward packets based on packet header or label information.


Private Branch Exchange

Peak Information Rate

The Peak Information Rate or PIR specifies the maximum rate over the Committed Information Rate or CIR at which traffic is allowed into the network (ingress).

Aliases (separate with |): PIR

Power over Ethernet, or PoE, is a standard that delivers power to network devices, in addition to Ethernet data packets.

Point to Point

Point to point indicates a network connection between to distinct systems or end points.

Aliases (separate with |): P2P
Primary Rate Interface

A Primary Rate Interface, or PRI is a standards based telecommunications service for transporting multiple DS0 voice and data streams between a user and network. A subset of the ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network specification, and implemented on E1 & T1 lines, PRI is the standard for delivering telecom services to business locations. On T1 lines operating at 1.544 Mbps, PRI provides 23 B channels (for user data) and 1 D channel (for control and signaling).

Aliases (separate with |): PRI
Private Branch Exchange

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a telephone system that serves a particular business or office, facilitating connections for internal telephones, connecting them to the Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN via trunk lines.

Aliases (separate with |): PBX
Provider Edge Device

A network device owned by a provider that offers an initial, first level of network traffic aggregation for many customer edge or CE devices.

Aliases (separate with |): PE

A figurative term describing a packet carrying leased line or a virtual circuit enabling communication between two customer network end points.

Aliases (separate with |): PW
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